Antibiotic Soup, a.k.a. Magic Potion

Coughing? Sore throat? Congested? Caught a little bug, did ya?! I recently got quite a bug myself and had to pull out all the stops to get better. This recipe is one of my secret weapons. A good time for this is right when you start to feel something coming on, during a sickness, or when you're around others that aren't well.

Antibiotic Soup Yields: 1 cup

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon miso Garlic, as much as you can stand, I usually use 2-3 cloves Ginger, as much as you can stand, I usually use 1-2 inches 1/2 lemon, juiced Cayenne, as much as you can stand, I usually use 1/4 teaspoon 1 cup boiling water

Directions: In a bowl mix together miso and hot water until miso is dissolved. Then add the rest of the ingredients and serve.

This recipe has helped me through many illnesses and I hope you find it healing as well. The ingredients are all very powerful immune boosters and bug fighters. Also, the simplicity of it allows your digestion to take a break, saving more energy to fight illness. I often make a larger batch and keep eating it until I feel better.

If you need a little extra help, here are some other remedies I use:

  • For sore throats: 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon juice added to hot tea. Throat Coat tea by Traditional Medicinals is amazing for sore throats!
  • For respiratory ailments: Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your hands and cover your nose and mouth. Take deep breaths allowing the healing affects to reach deep in your lungs. *** Make sure your eyes are closed, it can cause quite the sting. Also, expect to cough, it's natural! :)
  • For sinus congestion: Neti pot, twice a day.
  • Vitamins: When I'm sick, I take Vitamin C and Zinc (make sure it's chelated, makes it easier to digest and absorb).