I get wanderlust. I get wanderlust bad. I love moving and traveling and I'm desperately trying to create a life where I can road trip at least one month out of every year.

I've spent a lot of time on the road and had many adventures, but I haven't figured out a way to make a living doing that and I also crave the connections and stability that come with having a home, so I have to find other ways to satiate my thirst for adventure. This can easily done with a nice hike in the woods.


Hiking is my way to experience something thrilling in my own backyard. When I'm walking on some path surrounded by nature and countless beautiful wonders I feel completely rejuvenated and at peace.


Hiking is what I turn to when I need a pick-me-up, answers, faith, inspiration, reconnection, self-reflection, and a reset. It's where I find myself, over and over again.


The fresh air eases my mind. Sweating releases anxiety. The smell of the earth encourages long, deep breaths. The rhythmic, repetitive movement brings me to a meditative state of self-reflection. It's my happy place.


I discovered my passion for hiking in California and got to explore so many amazing trails and discover breath-taking places.


Although I grew up in the U.P. and spent a lot of time outdoors, I didn't even scratch the surface of the endless opportunities for adventure. Since moving back, I've started to learn different trails and have been enjoying how quiet and beautiful this place is, but I also feel quite intimidated.


In California, most of the trails were well marked, well documented, had at least a few people to share it with, and did not lack cellphone service.


Now I find myself on backroads, deep in the woods trying to find the trail. I've gotten use to the couple of hikes I'm familiar with here and stick to those, but I don't want to. My wanderlust is coming back and it's time for me to start discovering. I'm hoping to keep finding hikes and sharing them with you, so that you can find them, too. See you on the trails!