First of all, yes, I'm aware that my water bottle is OBNOXIOUS. No, it's not convenient. Yes, I need to use two hands to drink.  Yes, it's a dangerous thing to drop. It's 65-ounces, making it one-ounce heavier than a half-gallon. So, why'd I get it?  Because I love water and want to carry as much with me as possible.  I seriously get water separation anxiety.  Whenever planning any sort of adventure, I want to know that I'll have access to restrooms (or the woods) and water, everything else can be figured out.

If you ask me any sort of health advice, likely, the first thing you'll hear me say is, "are you drinking enough water?"  Dehydration is one the most misdiagnosed and easiest to remedy conditions out there. Thirst can manifest itself in so many ways, which is why the first thing I like to do when working with people is to make sure they're drinking enough water.  Only once they're properly hydrated am I able to assess their health.

One of the reasons we're often dehydrated is because we aren't really aware of how much we're suppose to drink.  We've all heard the "drink eight, eight-ounce glasses a day" thing, but that doesn't really make sense.  Why would the same amount apply to people of various sizes?  I was taught, and it's been my experience, that we should drink half our body weight in ounces of water daily.  For example, a 180-pound person would require 90-ounces of water daily, increasing your intake if you've been physically active that day.  We don't realize how much water we lose daily through perspiration, breathing and elimination.

Keep your bodies happy and support it as it works its ass of for you!  See how drinking the right amount of water changes your life.