My Story: My name is Angie Cherrette and I'm a 27-year-old Wellness Professional.  I didn't choose this career path, it chose me.

Being sick and tired are two things I am very familiar with.  I spent more than twenty years of my life suffering with allergies, chronic ear infections, frequent illness, depression, anxiety and fatigue. As well as battles with drugs, alcohol, self-harm and eating disorders that stemmed from anxiety and depression.

When I was in college I was already taking four prescription pills daily in addition to weekly allergy shots and a dependency on nasal sprays.  Not to mention the over-the-counter medications I took to counteract pain and cold and flu symptoms.  My battle with depression and anxiety had taken quite a toll on my social and academic life.  Overcoming fear was a daily battle, my sinuses were always bothering me, I was taking two, three, sometimes even four naps a day and I kept gaining weight.

I had no concept of what being healthy felt like and had no idea where to begin.  I did what I was led to believe was good for me: drinking more than enough milk, eating only canned and frozen food that was deemed "healthy" or "nutritious," and buying into whatever "healthy" fad diet was popular at the time, but yet I felt miserable.

Fed up, I was determined to find a better way to live.  I began experimenting with folk remedies and saw instant results.  This motivated me further.  I knew I needed more information, but didn't know where to get it.  My research led me to Sky Hill Institute of Wholistic Healing Arts where, at 22-years-old, I enrolled in their Wholistic Health Practitioner Program and began my transformation.  I embarked on a challenging, yet immensely rewarding, journey that I continue on today.

Bit by bit, I tackled each part of my life that wasn't serving me and experimented with ways of fixing it or letting it go.  It's been almost six years and the results have been tremendous.  I've lost 50 pounds, gotten off all my medications, let go of my addictions,  and managed my anxiety and depression.  For the first time in my life I am free of allergy symptoms and am active, energetic and happy!  Every year I feel healthier and younger and I can't wait to continue to learn, grow and take myself to new levels of health and happiness.

My philosophy:

I believe that we all possess the ability to thrive and heal.  I feel the most important tools we have in that process are self-awareness and acceptance.  We are complex and unique individuals with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns that either free or inhibit us.  The more we explore these parts of ourselves, the more we are able to identify and let go of that which holds us back.  It is important we are kind to ourselves during this process as the sooner we accept and love exactly who we are, the easier it will be to adopt habits that keep us happy and healthy.

Then and Now:

Looking back at these pictures reminds me of the girl I used to be.  The girl who didn't feel comfortable in her own skin.  The girl who didn't love herself enough to wear clothes that fit and flattered her.  The girl who almost gave up and stopped trying to feel beautiful.  The girl who was afraid to let herself shine and be seen.  The girl who felt trapped in her own body and mind.  It is good for me to look back and see just how much I've grown since then and it inspires me to continue.  I wonder what I will see in six more years when I look back and see these "now" pictures.

What to expect:

I want to share with you some of the things that have helped me the most on my journey and my latest experiments and discoveries.  Hopefully, this blog will act as a source of inspiration, connection, knowledge, and empowerment.  I want to show you that, even when life isn't easy, it can still be fun.  Enjoy your life and your journey as you open your eyes to a new way of living.  Laugh with me, or at me, as I stumble along on my unique wellness path.  Stay tuned...