We're on day three of our cross-country road trip and have, once again, had an amazing time and saw more of this beautiful country. Natasha and I have been on many road trips together and each time seems easier. We've learned a lot about traveling and how to get the most out of the time and money we have, which is often very limited. Here's how we do it:

Angie and Natasha's Rules of the Road

1. Teamwork is a must. From keeping the driver awake and passing time, to putting food together and digging stuff out of the way, way back, it's great to have a travel buddy.


2. Friends' couches make the best hotels. 

3. Get good at either eating while driving and/or being fed while driving. Eating on the road is a great time saver and often pretty fun.

4. Be aware of things that melt or leak. (!!!) Which leads me to...

5. Always have napkins, utensils, and Ziploc bags on hand. 

6. Always break for beauty. That's the whole point, so don't let moments pass you by.


7. Practice the no plan plan. Flexibility allows you the freedoms to meet people and find places that you wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Go with the flow and see what you find.

8. Gas station yoga is a lifesaver. Traveling can be tough on the body, so stretch when you can.

9. Check in with your parents. They really appreciate knowing you're alive.

10. Don't worry, people should be staring. After a few days of living out of your car, you often look like you've, well, been living out of a car. That coupled with the fact that you are indeed an outsider can quickly attract attention. It's ok, just smile because it's also a great opportunity to meet people and get some advice and support from the locals.


11. The world is your playground. There are a million of opportunities to play, so take the time to do so.

12. Arguments require space, loud music, and, later, some conversation and hugs.

13. Ask for help. People are very kind and if you tell them you need help finding a great park to hang out in or a good coffee shop, often they're happy to help. Plus, it's the best way to experience unfamiliar places.

14. Take the road less traveled. There are some amazing sights to see in America and taking the unbeaten path is often very rewarding.


15. There's nothing wrong with pulling over for a nap. Safety first, people!

16. Get creative with passing time. From singing songs and memorizing poetry, to silly games and creative projects, boredom does not belong on a road trip.

17. Do things that scare you...


Like walking on a bridge over this... ahh!

18. Grocery shopping is the best way to eat healthy and save money.


19. Take advantage of photo ops.


20. Eat healthy, drink water, but let yourself indulge. I have a specific way of eating, but I'm flexible while traveling as that's my favorite way to experience a new place.


21. Hot springs... always find hot springs.