I can't believe it's already been a year since I started Sage & Spry. What a wonderfully wild year it's been. I originally started Sage & Spry as lifestyle blog that would help me teach others about health while having a tool to keep me motivated and accountable. In my mind, I was going to continue to embark on adventures and take odd jobs for three years, while I continued my blog. I thought that'd give me enough time to establish a direction for Sage & Spry, so that I would know what services to offer the public. You see, with my background and education, Sage & Spry has the potential to grow in many areas, currently I'm working to discover what our community needs or wants.

Opportunities, self-reflection, and serendipity landed me back in Marquette pursuing Sage & Spry full-time. What a whirlwind. I thought I was moving to Colorado to hike and soak in hot springs, while continuing my career as a Massage Therapist, but I'm so excited to be back in my hometown rediscovering the wonders of the U.P. Yes, it's been scary and hard, but now more than ever I feel at peace and I feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing.  I couldn't be more grateful for that. I'm learning so much about myself and others and I can't wait to continue to help them on their journey. I've lifted myself out of physical, mental, and emotional hardships and I could not have done it without the love, support, and knowledge of my teachers, friends, family, and mentors. I strive everyday to find ways to play the role in others' lives that my support group played in mine. Nothing makes me happier than teaching others how to feel better and become more in charge of their lives. So, thank you. Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me as I find ways to reach, serve, and connect to others. I look forward to another year of discovery, inspiration, wellness, and, of course, fun.

In case you weren't around in the beginning, check out how it all started:

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