My life changes all the time.  There was once a time when I feared change, but now I thrive in it.  My address, lifestyle, food choices, and social circle seem to be flexible things in my life.  I've grown accustom to this and find joy in all the new experiences I have and love the constant growth and learning that comes with it.  The tricky part, in the ever-changing world that I live in, is how hard it is to maintain a wellness routine.  Wellness, obviously, is extremely important to me, but it sometimes gets put on the back burner for the sake of new experiences, fun, and ease. Recently, I have been thinking about this a lot more since I've moved back home.  The girl I once was, who only knew how to pursue a good time and not a healthy lifestyle, has been haunting me more than normal.  You see there are two sides of me: Yooper Angie and California Angie and my constant struggle is finding the balance between these two parts.  I love the side of me that is fun-loving, social, and a little bit wild, but equally important is the side of me that loves to nurture and care for myself and others; the side that relishes in being active and healthy.  Now I know that there is a perfect balance to be sought, but in the meantime I am a swinging pendulum teetering on the edge of both extremes.

California Angie

Yooper Angie

That is how I came up with one-week-at-a-time wellness.  This is something easy that I can focus on while I rediscover my place and myself in a world where I was once a different person.  This gives me the opportunity to sit with myself once a week, to look at my social calendar and determine in what ways I can give to myself that week.  Every week I self-reflect, become aware of what I want and need, and decide to pursue something that makes me feel good.  This is especially helpful when I haven't been taking care of my body very well and need something to grasp at.

I encourage everyone to find a space to go within, at least once a week, to check-in and set new goals.  One-week-at-a-time wellness is a way to set goals without pressure.  Seven days is a short amount of time and I think we could all find something to commit to for that period of time. This gives us the opportunity to pursue health even at times when we can't fully commit to a whole new lifestyle.  It's a way to maintain your wellness focus even during times that usually throw you off course, such as times of celebration, transition, stress, hardship, and vacation.  On that note, I'd like to wish you a happy Monday and hope that you can find something healthy to focus on this week.  I'm going to make my week about getting back into Kundalini Yoga.