Gratitude is a very powerful tool that helps us appreciate the joys in our lives and find new ways of looking at our struggles.  With every challenge, lessons can be learned and feeling grateful for these lessons is an empowering way to find the sweet among the sour. When I first began looking at life this way, everything changed.  I swapped out my victim mentality for a more empowering outlook, which catapulted me forward.   Lots of people get stuck in a limiting way of thinking, where the world feels big, mean, and scary and they're left defenseless.  I used to think this way until I discovered how freeing it was to be thankful for the hard pills I had to swallow and to learn from each painful gulp.

Now, gratitude is part of my everyday life, especially when times are tough.  Being grateful helps me reframe hardships into something positive, something I can build off of and learn from, which allows me to cope, heal, and move forward.  It also helps me reflect on the people and things that enrich my life, giving me an opportunity to share my love and appreciation.  The more we take the time to generate positivity, the better this world will be.

That being said, I want to express my gratitude to two very special people in my life.  My sister and our dear friend, Ashley, are huge sources of love, laughter, and fun in my life.  They were there for me while I was making my dreams a reality and were instrumental in the creation of Sage & Spry.  Ashley took on developing my beautiful logo and both of them were a constant source of feedback, advice, brainstorming, love and support.  I could not have done this project without them.  Thanks, ladies, for supporting my quest to find a vehicle for my passions. I love you both to pieces!! xoxo