As a wellness professional, Angie has over 500 hours in training as a Wellness Coach and over 450 hours as a Natural Chef.  This is on top of a lifetime of experience of learning how to heal from her own physical and emotional struggles.  She's passionate about sharing what she can to help people make choices that bring them good health and happiness.

Wellness Services:

One-Time Consultation - Includes a personal wellness summary tailored to the client


In a 60 - 90 minute session Angie will go over an extensive questionnaire with the client and assess their goals and current state of wellness.  Following the session Angie will put together a wellness summary that highlights the tools and steps she feels they need to focus on.

Follow-up Consultations


Roughly 30 minute sessions where Angie will guide, support, and provide insight on her clients' current struggles and needs.

Wellness Program - minimum of 3 sessions

$60 / session

The Wellness Program expands on the Wellness Consultation and includes more resources, handouts, recipes, education, and weekly goals to help transition into a healthy lifestyle.  Angie and her client will assess which resources and information will best support her client.  Each session will cover different topics and will leave the client with things to work on until the next session.  These sessions are meant to be informative, fun, supportive, and empowering.

Wellness Workshops and Classes

$15 / person for a wellness class (~2hrs), $30 / person for a 4-hour workshop

Angie specializes in a variety of classes and you and your friends can choose or request a topic that is fitting for your group.  She will come to the comfort of your home and provide education, resources, and activities that will give the group the knowledge and tools to implement what they learn in their own lives.  Some examples of topics:

  • Women's Workshop on Quitting Dieting, Self-Love, and Feeling Good In Your Body
  • Dealing with Body Image Issues Through Awareness and Self-Love
  • Winter Remedies and Wellness
  • Raw Foods and Sprouting
  • The Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • A Guide to Emotional Freedom and Letting Go
  • Forgiveness
  • Shifting to Positive Thinking
  • Creating a Wellness Supportive Kitchen
  • Combating Food Cravings with Mindfulness
  • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food
  • Practices for a Healthy Life
  • Fun Fitness
  • Exploring Yoga
  • Understanding Eastern Medicine
  • Massage Techniques
  • A Guide to Self-Nurturing (with fun nurturing activities)
  • Letting Go of Guilt Through Understanding
  • Many, many, more options, just ask!