Cupping therapy


What is cupping therapy?

Cupping involves the application of a glass, plastic, or silicone cup that produces negative pressure, or suction instead of the compression typical of most manual therapies. Negative pressure aids in releasing tense, rigid muscles and fascia, drains excess fluid, detoxifies tissues, loosens, lifts, and stretches connective tissue. Cupping brings blood to stagnant areas as well as waste to the surface, pulling toxins and cellular debris from deeper tissues up to the skin where some is discharged through the pores. The rest is now more accessible to the body’s lymphatic and circulatory systems to be

Some benefits of cupping therapy are:

  • Increased blood flow-therefore increased oxygen and nutrition-to muscles and other tissues

  • Decongestion of joints by draining excess fluid, opening the joint capsule, increasing ROM

  • Stretching and softening bound fascia, relieving pressure on sensitive structures beneath

  • Increased metabolism within tissues

  • Pain reduction and calming of the nervous system

Anyone healthy enough to receive massage can also enjoy cupping therapy. A few conditions where cupping would not be recommended are:

  • Broken bones or dislocations, hernias, slipped discs, those undergoing certain cancer therapies,

  • Pregnancy during the 1st trimester, broken or ulcerated skin, sunburn, hives, untreated cardiovascular conditions or diabetes, liver or kidney functional illness.

  • If you have a serious medical condition consult your doctor before receiving any manual therapies.

Cupping after-care tips:

  • After receiving cupping drink plenty of water! This will help your body eliminate all the toxins, cellular debris, metabolic wastes, old blood, gunk and whatever else has been pulled from your tissues and prevent your body from reabsorbing it. You want it out! For this same reason, avoid caffeine and alcohol for 4-6 hours after your cupping treatment as your body already has a lot of waste to deal with. I love coffee and beer too, but your body needs water to cleanse itself!

  • Avoid hot temperatures (hot shower, sauna, hot tub) 4-6 hours after cupping as the therapy opens your pores and your skin may be more sensitive to temperature.

  • Avoid aggressive exfoliation (scrubs, loofahs, bath gloves) over the area that has been cupped for 4-6 hours as skin may be more sensitive

Rates: $55 for 60 minutes, $75 for 90 minutes, $95 for 2 hours