Angie has been passionate about food and cooking ever since she was a little girl.  There is nothing she loves more than making healthy, nurturing meals and sharing her creations with others.  As Angie began working with clients as a Wellness Coach, she noticed that the area people struggled most in was with food.  This inspired her to continue her education and pursue a Natural Chef Certification from Bauman College.  After graduating she spent some time managing a raw kitchen and then a vegetarian kitchen at a yoga retreat center.  Angie hopes to continue working with food in a way that educates and inspires others.  The services she offers are designed to open people's minds to a new way of cooking and eating, while not sacrificing any flavor.  She hopes people can learn from her how to maintain a healthy kitchen and create delicious food on their own.

Sushi Rolling Parties

$35 / person, up to 15 people, minimum 6 people

Enjoy a night with friends learning how to roll sushi.  You bring the Sake and Angie will handle the rest.  She'll prep all the ingredients and then walk the group through how to roll sushi. The sushi can be prepared vegetarian or with a variety of fresh proteins.  Angie will hand pick a wide variety of ingredients that are fresh and delicious giving everyone the chance to be creative.

Raw Foods Class

$35 / person, up to 15 people

Eating raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds is a great way to pack nutrients into your diet.Angie has a lot of experience working with raw foods and teaching raw prep classes.  Together you can create a multiple course meal with your friends.  Everyone will walk away with recipes and lots of new experiences creating beautiful, delicious raw food. From Mexican Food to Sushi to Thai to Mediterranean, the raw menu options are endless.  After a menu is planned Angie will bring the equipment and ingredients necessary for all the food prep.  Allow about 3 1/2 hours for the prep and eating.

Personal Chef

Cost of ingredients, plus $25 / hour

If you're wanting a healthy lifestyle, but don't have the energy, time, knowledge, or desire to do the cooking, Angie is happy to offer to cook for you and your family.  Together you will discuss the dishes she will create and then she will deliver them to you at your convenience.  This service can range from green smoothies and green juices to full meals and desserts. This can also include education and other assistance you might require.